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Proud to announce my very first solo single. Please do have a listen. Just press the little arrow above. Getting your local radio station to play it would be a great help!  It is on all steaming platforms and on YouTube.

I have always loved writing but never had the time to put my all into it. This past year of lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do that. I started working with producer Daniel de Burke in March on my solo EP and together we’ve created something that I’m so proud of. This single is my first solo single release and I feel like this is my most authentic self.
I wrote this song for my Aunt and Uncle. My uncle died very suddenly last year and, because of Covid, my Aunt never got to say goodbye properly. They were together for nearly 30 years and were best friends. This song is all about never truly having to say goodbye because we get to see the people we lose in our dreams. These dreams become so special, as It’s a time where you can make new memories and speak to your loved ones again.

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